About us

Here's the story behind Everyday Green

(Formerly known as A Slice of Green)

We have to go quite a long way back, to 2006.

I'd just moved to Wiltshire after a long stint in London, working for one of the UK's biggest retailers for over 14 years. I had two young children, and a passion for living sustainably. But this was the age of peak consumerism and single use; accessing eco-friendly or ethically minded products back then was just not that easy, and if you could find them they really didn't look very stylish.

I became frustrated that I was not able to shop the way I wanted, and soon discovered I wasn't the only one.

Over time, Green Tulip has become the leading small ecommerce business for ethical gifts. Kate, our sustainability manager, joined me in 2015 and with her guidance we expanded our product range into new product categories. But some of these, such as environmentally friendly cleaning items, felt like they were for the ordinary days, rather than something you would buy for a special gift.

It was time to give our wide range of household products a home of their own. So in 2017 Everyday Green was born (although back then the website was known as A Slice of Green!).

I passionately believe in supporting people to live more sustainably and to make those choices accessible to a wider range of people. The idea for Everyday Green is simple; a one-stop shop for everything you need to help you live a more sustainable life. You won't find fancy, expensive eco products here that look great but go unused. What you will find is environmentally friendlier alternatives to the things you use day in, day out.

everyday [adjective]

happening or used every day; daily

We source a wide range of practical and innovative products that are designed to reduce waste and encourage reuse, and products made from sustainable or recycled materials. We also make sure that everything we sell is free from nasties such as BPA, phthalates and lead, and we sell a lot of plastic-free products too.

A brand new look and name

In early 2022 we rebranded, and changed the website name to Everyday Green. It was originally called A Slice of Green, sharing the name with one of the flagship brands we stocked (and still do! You can browse the entire A Slice of Green product range here). Over time, as the variety of the brands and products we stocked increased, we found the name just didn't quite work. So, we came up with a new name; Everyday Green, a place to find greener products and advice that you can use every day. We think the name Everyday Green fits much better, and we hope you agree.

Meet Kate

And finally…

Just a word about us at Everyday Green and Green Tulip. It's now 16 years since I first started my 'kitchen table' business; my children have grown, and the team has too - across the Green Tulip and Everyday Green teams there's now nine of us (and a Portuguese Pointer!) You can find out more about us here. We’re based on a lovely farm in the middle of the Wiltshire countryside, employing local people who believe in what we do. I guess you could say we are a million miles away from some of the big businesses dominating online retail these days. Do follow us on Instagram to find out more about the team and what we get up to!

Charity Nichols, Founder