Plastic free toothpaste tabs


    Plastic Free Toothpaste
    Choose from our range of plastic free toothpaste tabs. Toothpaste tubes are mixed plastics and impossible to recycle so our packaging is plastic free and easy to recycle or compost. Truthbrush tabs are refreshing wild mint and contain fluoride to protect teeth.

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    FAQs about Plastic Free Toothpaste

    Toothpaste tablets are exactly what they sound like — a waterless toothpaste powder that's pressed into a tablet. Instead of squeezing toothpaste out of a tube and onto your toothbrush, you pop a tablet in your mouth and chew it up into a paste, stick your toothbrush in there, and brush as usual.

    Easy to use - one tab is the right amount for brushing, you can't use too much.
    No plastic waste to dispose of.
    Travel is easier - just take the right amount of tabs, no liquids to separate out.

    Every year, over twenty billion toothpaste tubes are produced and most are not recycled.
    Squeezable plastic tubes that contain products such as toothpaste or hand cream can only be recycled if they are totally clean inside. Unless you cut them open to remove all the contents, they should go into the general waste.