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Lids & Accessories


    Qwetch Insulated Bottle Lids and Accessories

    Upgrade your Qwetch bottles with different lids and accessories for greater flexibility, without having to buy a new bottle. Choose from infuser lids with additional charcoal filter tubes, plastic free lids and easy open.


    FAQs about Qwetch insulated bottle lids and accessories

    Charcoal water filter-this is by far the easiest, cheapest and most zero waste water filtering option.

    Adding a charcoal tube to your bottle's infuser will purify and mineralise tap water. It retains chlorine and releases calcium, potassium and other useful minerals. Bamboo charcoal has a reduced ecological impact compared to charcoal wood as it is faster growing, stores 5 times more carbon and absorbs impurities.

    Stop buying plastic water bottles these leech not only microplastics, but also chemicals into your drinking water. A stainless steel bottle with a lid designed so that no plastic comes in contact with your drink is ideal. Charcoal filters will help remove any toxins from your tap water.