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Face Care


    Natural, Eco-Friendly Face Care

    Discover our range of vegan friendly, Scence balms - natural lip balms, facial balms and bars that are not only care for your skin but also our planet as they are packaged 100% plastic-free. Choose reusable organic cotton facial pads, tissues and wipes to really upgrade your natural, eco face care routine. 

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    FAQs about Natural, Eco-Friendly Face Care

    In skincare, zero waste means reusable, refillable, or compostable product packaging. Our Scence lip and face balms are packaged in recyclable and fully compostable cardboard tubes. Using reusable wipes and facial pads cuts out waste from single use and at the end of their lives, these products are biodegradable and can be home composted.

    Many chemical ingredients in skin care products are harmful to us and the environment. Sometimes animal by-products are also used in cosmetics which is unethical and unsustainable. However, natural skincare is sustainable, does not harm animals, your health or the environment in any way.

    Organic products and those made without toxic dyes, additives, or harsh chemicals, will protect your skin and overall health. In addition, you are also actively supporting environmentally-friendly practices and sustainability.